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RAKETA respects the confidentiality of its customers' information and undertakes to protect any personal information provided by users through the website. The information below helps users understand what information the RAKETA collects through the website, mobile application and how this information is used.

RAKETA also recommends reading the Privacy Statement.

By visiting and using the RAKETA website, the user acknowledges, without any restrictions and reservations, that he has read, understood and agrees to the terms and conditions of this Provision and, accordingly, agrees to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy.

Users can visit the RAKETA website to their advantage. The RAKETA website uses the collection of cookies to provide users with maximum convenience. "Cookies" are small text files located on the user's device and designed to ensure the convenience of using the site and save time. The cookies collected by RAKETA do not contain information that can serve to identify individuals.

Cookies can be permanent or session cookies.

Persistent cookies are stored by the browser and remain valid until the expiration of the storage period:

· at the end of the session (for example, when the browser closes);

· the expiration date has been specified and the retention period has expired;

· the browser deleted the Cookie at the user's request.

Session cookies become invalid when they expire. RAKETA uses both session and persistent cookies on the site raketa.travel and all its subdomains.

The purpose of cookies and tags used by RAKETA:


Anonymous cookies that allow users to navigate the website raketa.travel and www.raketa.world , use its functions and access protected sections.

They also facilitate site navigation and are used for the following purposes:

· reminder of the selected country and provision of relevant content;

· ensuring proper operation of the website.

If the use of this type of cookies is prohibited by the user, some sections of the website raketa.travel will be unavailable to the user.


These cookies are used to send different versions of a web page for marketing purposes. These cookies are often associated with website functions provided by the relevant third


Cookies do not pose a danger to your device, as they are just text files, not executable programs.

You can either configure your browser to receive our cookies, or use the website raketa.travel and www.raketa.world without these functionalities. In the latter case, the text data that you enter into the forms cannot be saved for future searches, and the next time you visit the website raketa.travel and www.raketa.world you will have to enter the information again. At the same time, unfortunately, RAKETA will also not be able to prepare and offer you convenient content.

To delete saved browser cookies, you can open the links below to get instructions for your browser:

· Chrome

· Firefox

· Microsoft Edge

· Opera

· Safari

This Provision may be updated over time — for example, in cases of changes in applicable legislation or applied online technologies. RAKETA recommends that customers regularly check our website for up-to-date information about our cookie policy.