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Personal & corporate data management

Raketa presents Profiles Management Tool. It is a convenient digital platform for management of corporate and personal data of employees.
Profiles Management Tool allows you to quickly use corporate and personal data in various business processes of the company: business trips of employees, HR, in financial and administrative matters.
Profiles Management Tool helps companies to:
  • optimize data management and improve the interaction between departments (HR, financial departments, administration);
  • manage your personal and corporate data efficiently and securely;
  • have a high level of protection of personal data and bank cards;
  • simplify and speed up the security check process;
  • save time on updating and entering data.

Advantages of Profiles Management Tool:

integration with any programs via the API
sharing information with any OBT
Single Sign-On technology
two-way information exchange with GDS
PCI DSS level 1
high level of data storage and processing security, compliance with legal requirements

Benefits of the Profiles Management Tool:

  • integration with any programs via API;
  • exchange of information with any OBT;
  • Single Sign-On technology;
  • two-way exchange of information with GDS;
  • PCI DSS level 1;
  • high level of security of data storage and processing, compliance with legal requirements.