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Digital platform for business trips

Raketa is a digital platform for business trips and expense managing, which helps companies save up to 30% of budgets for business trips and up to 90% of employees' working time, makes the business trip process completely digital and automated. At the same time, it provides a high level of reliability and security of storing corporate and personal data of employees.
On the Raketa platform, on the principle of all-in-one, you can organize business trips, arrange all the necessary travel services (air, railway tickets, hotels, transfers, etc.), coordinate trips, control their expenses, automatically create and upload the necessary accounting, personnel, administrative documents and reports on business trips.


With the help of Raketa, companies can not only digitize and automate the business trip process, significantly save on business trips, reduce the burden on staff and optimize travel management, but also get other benefits:

  • Fast and convenient process of organizing business trips
  • Ease and convenience of use
  • High level of reliability and safety
  • Saving business trip budgets
  • Transparent prices
  • Freeing up employees' time
  • Integration with any systems
  • Operational access and control of trips
  • Travel and accounting documents online
  • Automatic calculation of daily allowances
  • Accounting for special corporate tariffs and bonus programs.


It's very simple: a company can choose any business travel agency that will serve it on the Raketa’s platform.

At the same time, companies can change agencies as often as necessary, while remaining a Raketa’s client. In this case, the company does not need to implement its own online booking tool from the agency, spending time and money on it. Raketa simply removes all these issues, saving the resources of client companies.

Advantages of Raketa:

Low cost of ownership
High speed of deployment and implementation of the platform
High flexibility and scalability
High level of reliability and safety
Ease and convenience of use
Optimization of the client's own IT service
New level of travel management
Book, manage, report on all your business trips with just one tool. Any travel services, automated reporting, corporate cards, loyalty programs, expense analytics, one-touch travel coordination, seamless integration, saving time and travel budgets.

Do you want to know more?

Download the presentation about Raketa: more about the platform, content and real cases of how the Raketa helpes accelerate companies and find benefits in organizing business trips.