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For state-owned enterprises

Raketa is a reliable digital partner.
We help state-owned companies and government organizations to develop using innovative technologies and implement digital transformation projects.
We constantly introduce new technological and functional developments so that state-owned companies can use a simple and cost-effective product for organizing business trips and managing expenses.
Digital platform Raketa
Solution for travel, expenses, corporate and personal data of employees for reporting and control

Business trips
Book air, train tickets, hotels and transfers within the company's budget. The rocket will automate this

Cost control
Optimize costs and gain complete control over them with seamless reporting, automated reconciliation process and online information

For whom?

  • For Digital Transformation Leaders
    • Automation and digitalization of the secondment process
    • Implementation of an innovative product
    • Integration with any ERP in a few clicks
    • Secure encrypted data flow between systems
    • Development of the digital ecosystem and the formation of a digital culture among employees
  • Directors
    • Full control over employee travel
    • Strict adherence to budget and savings on travel costs
    • Multilevel coordination system
    • Reduction of labor costs for business trips of employees
    • Automatic generation of travel documents
    • Reports on the trips of each employee, department or company as a whol
  • Accountants
    • Automatic generation of travel documents
    • Transparent prices
    • Online reporting
    • Instant unloading of documents
    • Cost analytics
    • Flexible integration with any accounting system
    • Usability
  • Human Resources Department
    • Loading data about employees from the profile system
    • Convenient and secure storage of personal and corporate data
    • Integration with HR systems
    • Automatic generation of all travel documents
    • Advance reporting
    • Freeing up employees' time
  • The effect of the implementation of Raketa in state-owned companies and government organizations
    • Digitalization of public administration
    • Reduction of expenses for the activities of government agencies and companies
    • Minimizing the cost of implementing an IT solution by reusing the service in different departments
    • Increasing the productivity of civil servants
    • Increasing the level of trust of citizens and businesses in the authorities through the formation of an ecosystem of public and private platforms