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Our main asset is a team of professional programmers, developers and testers who work on the development of the Raketa digital platform, as well as a mobile application for business travelers. Our team has more than 100 employees, 80 of them are IT specialists.

In the development of Raketa there are:

  • 4 backend teams. One of them creates the business logic of the product, the others are engaged in integrations with external services and service providers
  • Frontend teams that work on the web version of the platform and its mobile app on React.Native

At the Raketa also employs teams of analysts, testers and project managers.

Daily in our offices:

1476 tests are being performed
98 cups of berry tea are drunk
there are 8-10 good ideas to improve the work of the platform
and 3-4 more just great ideathat we boldly implement
At heart, each of us is an astronaut. We strive for cosmic scale and perform daily IT feats for our users. We strive to make Raketa effective for every company, to reveal the value of its business by offering impeccable service and powerful technologies.

Are you ready to fly at speeds? Welcome aboard!